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A Lens on Sustainability

Nov 28, 2020

Are cities sustainable? As many look beyond the city as they look beyond the pandemic, this episode takes a photographic look at cities and space, and the changing role everything from finance to culture is going to play in some of the most iconic cities in the world including Tokyo, Berlin, New York and London.



Nov 21, 2020

How does the natural world influence the way we look at the broader question of sustainability? In this episode we explore our symbiotic relationship with the plant-based world through photography, industrial production, and of course, the mighty tree.


Guests include photographers Janelle Lynch and Awoiska van...

Nov 14, 2020

After the plague comes fire. Over the last years, we have seen an outbreak of catastrophic fires across the world. In its untamed form, fire wreaks terrible destruction, yet it has long been associated to renewal and rebirth.


Listen to celebrated photographers Sebastião Salgado, Richard Mosse and Daniel Beltrá, and...